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Individual Life Coaching

My client and I will discover the challenges she/he faces and uncover the obstacles to those in a self compassionate, non-judgmental way. We'll identify strategies that will give you empowerment to choose new paths in life.

I am your biggest supporter...your Coach. After some self-discovery, you will go out into life and choose consciously who you want to be and how you'll react to the world differently!

Change takes time. We keep focusing on the DESIRE to change and then when it happens, we celebrate it!

Couples Coaching and Counseling

Couples Coaching (Marriage/Relationship Counseling) is very similar to individual life coaching. My clients get to discover who each person is in that relationship individually and together.

After some visits with me separately, I bring couples together for compassionate exchange about their discoveries and also work on loving ways to stay in connection with each other.

This creates lasting awareness of each person's strengths and challenges, creating empathy for one another in truly loving ways.


When my clients learn additional tools for mindfulness, they have the ability to reduce anxiety, fear and emotions that affect them.

Meditation is an amazing tool that is great for mind and body. It has empirically-based physiological benefits such as reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, among others.


Additionally, it empowers my clients to choose what they give their attention to. This eventually gives them the ability to "respond" instead of "react".

If you're interested in learning meditation, ask me about options. I teach it locally in group settings, as well as in my office privately.

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