INDIVIDUALS - My "individual" life coaching practice focuses on the client's views of herself/himself in terms of their life to date, present and future. I focus on her/his life history to learn where parental influence, passed-on belief systems, personal traumas and life experiences may have had a hand in developing certain beliefs or habits in the way she/he interacts with the world around them and view themselves. We bring light to them and develop constructive ways to change them for the better.

Who Are My Clients?

COUPLES - My "couples" life coaching approach (which includes marriage counseling and relationship counseling) is very similar to my "individual" one. I will meet with the couple together to begin with and learn about each person and how the couple interacts with each other. Depending on how open each person is to being vulnerable with me regarding aspects of themselves that we uncover in front of their partner will dictate if my suggestion is to meet with each person individually as well in future sessions for part of our time together.

My goal is to help each individual person in the relationship recognize those beliefs, habits and mechanisms that challenge open love, acceptance and vulnerability in the relationship and work on new ways to overcome those challenges. The result is that each person sees progress in themselves and brings that to the couple's life together.

I work with married couples or any two people in a committed relationship.

SPIRITUAL FOCUS - For me, my personal life, professional life and spiritual life are all part of my whole life journey. As a Life Coach, I am comfortable delving into any area of my clients' lives that they want to focus on, including spirituality and mindfulness/meditation practices. And just the same, if spirituality is not an area my client wants to address, I honor that as well.

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