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What is Third Force?

About David...

After spending much of my life trying to find my inner peace and happiness in other people, material things and experiences outside of me, I found the key to true sustainable happiness. I am focused on helping others find this in themselves, too!

I'm so glad you asked!! 

"First Force" is your active desire (or wish) to make a significant change, physically or psychologically. These might be to change or eliminate old habits of behavior and internal judgments or reactions that have caused hurt or anxiety in the past.

Inevitably, "Second Force" comes. That is that "little voice in your head" that negates your positivity by introducing self-doubt, anxiety, habitual thinking.

"Third Force" is bringing about Metanoia (or a change in the way we think). We'll identify those blocks to positive change, draw attention to the defeating "forces" and overcome them through empowerment of the client!