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Certified Life Coach

Why work with a

Life Coach?

Life Coaching is a means of helping clients unlock those inner beliefs, habits and expectations that block inner peace and happiness through changes in the way clients view themselves, others, and the world they live in. 

Life Coaching comes from the position that the client is "just fine" the way he or she is. With "metanoia" (or changing of one's mind) and the individuals' efforts, clients are empowered to make positive, sustainable change themselves. There is nothing "broken" in them. Clients discover their unique inner beauty and transform themselves into "even better" beings!

​​Bring new "force" to life that creates positive, sustainable change

Each of us is absolutely perfect the way we are. We interact with our world they way we do because of our life's experiences, upbringing, cultural conditioning, peer pressure and passed-on belief systems. They do not define us. What we can accomplish is a "metanoia", or change of our mind, about how we perceive ourselves and the world we live in.